Gros Morne Tourist Guide: 7 things you need to do

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Gros Morne, picture collected from Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism

Gros Morne, the “most” beautiful place of Newfoundland, is pretty popular to the visitors of Newfoundland and Labrador due to the unique landscape in the area. Gros Morne is located around 600kms west of St. John’s, Newfoundland. The place is surrounded by mountains, hills, and beautiful ocean views. The place looks like a bit of green in a vast blue. As amazing as it sounds, the place is visited by a lot of people every year. The most popular time to visit this place in Summer or Fall, when the temperature in Newfoundland remains warmer than most of the year.

7. Eat some amazing foods

This place Gros Morne is surrounded by a bunch of fishing communities. Communities like Trout River, Rocky Harbour, Bonne Bay are some of them. Why not enjoy some fresh fish and chips during the trip? I would highly recommend having some fresh deep-fried cod tongue on the trip as well. Seaside Restaurant by the Trout River is also a popular visiting spot for people. In the trip for Gros Morne, make sure to keep some cash to spend for some of the delicious fish and chips, cod tongue, and why not have some great crabs, lobsters during the trip?

Total Cost: Approximately $20

Fish and Chips, taken from the Daring Gourmet

6. Fishing in Cox’s Cove/ Trout River

Fishing in the Gros Morne area? Sounds fun. Trust me, to me, this was the most exciting thing throughout the trip. Remember to go to fishing at Cox’s Cove. A group of five will probably spend from $150 to $250. Fishing is not just an activity. Trust me, it will be an experience of a lifetime. For people coming from fishing communities or having previous experiences in fishing, this can be different. But, for most people, this is definitely an amazing experience.

Obtained from Youtube, Uploaded by Pew, 2011

Fishing Rules, and Regulations

Just to mention, Cod fishing is not allowed every single day, and there is a limitation of fishing. The rules and regulations obtained from the Government of Newfoundland site is posted below:

The recreational fishery is open to both residents and non-residents.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada encourages all individuals participating in the Recreational Groundfish Fishery to follow public health advice.

The maximum boat limit when three or more people are fishing is 15 groundfish.

For 2020, tour boat operators will be eligible to apply for a licence to seek an increased trip limit. This licence will have harvest reporting requirements.

Retention of Atlantic halibut, Spotted and Northern wolffish, and any species of shark is prohibited. Sculpins and cunners may be released. All other groundfish caught must be retained and are part of the daily bag limit of 5 groundfish.

High-grading of groundfish is not permitted and no fish are permitted to be wasted.

All fish caught must be retained in a readily identifiable state. Fish may be bled, gutted, and split while at sea, but further processing such as, skinning, cutting into sections, packing or otherwise at sea is not permitted, as such further processing practices make determinations of species, number and size of the fish problematic.

Only angling gear and handlines with a maximum of three hooks are permitted. Handlines include artificial lures, baited hooks and feathered hooks. Artificial lures with treble hooks weighing less than five ounces or 142 grams are acceptable. Traditional jiggers are not permitted unless they are modified and have only one single hook.

Provisions will continue that allow a disabled person to designate a person to catch their daily limit of groundfish will continue. Information is available at Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) Client Service Centres.

 However, individuals who are looking to renew can complete the form electronically by saving it and sending via email or clicking submit at the bottom of the form during which time an email will be generated for the applicant.

For safety reasons, fishing is only permitted from one hour before sunrise until one hour after sunset.

The public is reminded to follow safe boating practices and be aware of local weather and sea conditions before leaving port.

I will discuss more about fishing in Gros Morne in another blog.

Total Cost: Approximately $30 to $50

5. Kayaking in Bonne Bay

Kayaking? Trust me, it is one of the best things you will do in the Gros Morne area. The uniqueness of Gros Morne, together with Kayaking, it is a combination of eyegasm and an activity. The kayaking is not in lakes but in the seas. Who knows, you might be able to see a friendly whale during the kayaking. You can do kayaking in groups of 2 or individual. I will write a detailed blog about Kayaking in the Gros Morne area soon.

Total Cost: Approximately $60 for 2 hours

Experience Life: Go with the flow

4. Zip Line 1300 feet above the sea level!

WOW WOW WOW. This experience is the one that will create an adrenaline rush for you! The experience of Zip Lining will be one of a lifetime. One of the best adventures of Canada, the Marble Mountain offers exclusive packages for Zip Lining. Located in Corner Brook, this is something you should not miss during the trip! There are 9 zips in this place, and all are amazing! They definitely have appropriate safety equipment, and don’t worry, I have seen even an 80+ years old woman to do it!

Marble Zip Tours

Oh, did I also forget to talk about the beautiful waterfall below that you will witness?

Total Cost: Approximately $130

3. Check Western Brook Pond

Go to the beautiful Western Brook Pond, take a boat, and hike to the top. The place will show you breathtaking views of Gros Morne. The views that you see searching Gros Morne in Google is the view you will witness in person!

Western Brook Pond, Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism

2. Tablelands: A new landscape

The Tablelands is popular for its unique landscape. This beautiful place is just located next to the Trout River. Take a hike at this place, the hike will be around 8 hours, but it is completely worth it! Check out the picture below! Can you imagine yourself seating in these chairs, and “chilling”? This place is a go-to place during the trip to Gros Morne.

What a view! Tablelands.

1. Gros Morne Summit: Just Do It!

Waited for number 1? Yes, this is the Gros Morne summit. Make sure to do it. The mountain’s name is Gros Morne. Guess what? It is 806 metres above the sea level. This is definitely an achievement! And, make sure to go on a sunny warm day, so that you don’t miss the breathtaking views in this place.

I won’t give any spoiler, and won’t attach any picture for this segment. Check out the top yourself, and enjoy the view of a lifetime.

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